2024 Nissan Ariya Sets A New Milestone

October 9th, 2023 by

Photo credit: Nissan

Nissan is currently on track to release its all-new fully-electric Ariya, the Ariya is an SUV that will continue the success in the electric market that the LEAF has made. Nissan has long planned for a suitable vehicle to take the baton and continue to win the race. While the Nissan LEAF has the compact segment won, the Ariya will push to lead the SUV segment. Now as many brands will see a delay in their production due to the current UAW strikes. Many major brands will not be able to keep up with the demand and Nissan is prepared to fill that void. The new elegant Ariya will begin a new era for the Nissan brand and offer an agile, elegant, and sporty model.

The all-new Nissan Ariya will offer the brand’s latest technology, adding innovative design, extensive range, cutting-edge technology, and smooth and amazing handling. The interior of the Ariya features high-quality materials including a 12.3-inch touchscreen that is easy to use and displays detailed information on battery range and remaining charge. The Ariya’s advanced driving assistant features collision warning, pedestrian detection, and lane change assist. The Nissan Ariya features a state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery that provides impressive power and an impressive range of over 300 miles, the automaker has hinted at a trim with an extended range. 

The Ariya also has a variety of smart charging features, such as scheduled charging and remote charging, that makes charging the battery easy and convenient. Moving on to the performance side of the 2024 Ariya, the fully-electric vehicle generates 389 horsepower. The front-wheel drive model went 0-60 in 7.5 seconds, the all-wheel drive went 0-60 in 5.0 seconds. The 2024 Ariya will include the GT-R’s torque-split system to offer optional all-wheel drive through its dual-front/rear-electric-motor configuration. Nissan sets out to provide buyers with a powerful SUV that offers a long list of available safety features. Want to find out more about the 2024 Nissan Ariya. 

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