Nissan’s Epic Pole to Pole Expedition Begins

April 6th, 2023 by

Photo credit: Nissan

The era of electric vehicles has begun to gain momentum around the world, and Nissan’s leadership continues to be at the forefront of this trend. Recently, the Japanese company announced the start of an epic pole-to-pole electric vehicle expedition, spanning from the North Pole to the South Pole in the 2023 Ariya. Years of research and development by Nissan’s various teams, this expedition represents an important milestone in the evolution of electric vehicle technology.  This epic adventure covers a distance of more than 18,000 kilometers, from the Norwegian city of Tromsø to Cape Town, South Africa. 

The journey began in Norway, one of the most advanced countries in terms of electric vehicle adoption, and is expected to last several months. The expedition is led by adventurer and explorer Marek Kaminski  who was selected to undertake this epic task. Kaminski has undertaken numerous expeditions around the world and has gained extensive experience in driving electric vehicles in extreme conditions. The Nissan expedition is an impressive feat that aims to demonstrate the viability and efficiency of electric vehicles in all kinds of conditions. Electric vehicles are known for their energy efficiency and low environmental impact, but some critics argue that these vehicles are not practical for long-distance travel. Nissan’s expedition challenges this notion and aims to demonstrate that electric vehicles can be as efficient and reliable as conventional engine vehicles, even in the most extreme conditions. 

“Julie and I have done several electric vehicle adventures over the past 10 years, but The Pole to Pole is our biggest and most exciting challenge. We had to think outside the box, be innovative and collaborate with like-minded partners to make this expedition a reality. Our Ariya expedition was fun to drive and performed well during the 5000 km journey to get to this starting point. It gives us confidence that we can tackle all the driving scenarios we will face in the coming months”, Said Chris. 

Nissan’s expedition aims not only to demonstrate the efficiency of electric vehicles but also to raise awareness of the importance of environmental conservation. Throughout the journey, the expedition team will collect data and conduct research on biodiversity and nature conservation in the places they pass through. This information will be shared with environmental organizations and governments around the world, to promote sustainable policies and practices. Nissan’s expedition also aims to inspire others to adopt electric vehicles. Ready to join the Nissan family?

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