The Nissan Snug Kids Program Helps Buyers Make Important Decisions

October 27th, 2022 by

Photo credit: Nissan

Nissan expresses its concern about the safety of their younger passengers by checking child seats that are commonly used. Rising inflation and other economic responsibilities have pushed many families to try to save a little more money whenever possible. Primarily buyers looking for child safety seats, even second-hand seats can present a safety hazard to young children. The automaker introduced the Nissan Snug Kids program which has been an industry pioneer for 20 years and aims to help families choose a good child restraint system. 

Snug Kids was launched in 2002 and is the industry’s first child seat installation program specifically aimed at child safety in child restraint systems (CRS). Nissan engineers have worked on testing all child restraint systems  by spending hours installing them in the rear seats of Nissan vehicles. All of the engineers’ efforts resulted in the Snug Kids child restraint fitting guide, helping parents to choose a good quality CRS that fits their Nissan vehicle and at the same time giving great tips on how to fit child restraints.

Nissan has leveraged the expertise of Nissan engineers by creating a social media program called “Blogging Mamas Safety Academy program” that spreads awareness to communities about child passenger safety. According to statistics from the CDC, Black (45%) and Hispanic (46%) children are less likely to be buckled up compared to white (26%) children.

“It is crucial to make sure you are using a car seat correctly to keep your child safe in the event of a crash. If installed correctly, the car seat should not be able to move more than one inch in any direction in the belt path and there should be no slack if you tighten the strap on the child’s shoulder,” announced Robert Sinclair Jr, senior manager of public affairs for AAA.

The Snug Kids Program demonstrates Nissan’s concern for all of their passengers, especially their youngest passengers, by helping parents find the right child seat for their little one who is the most important part of protecting children on the road, demonstrating that the safety of all passengers is at the center of everything Nissan does.

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