Nissan’s Ariya Completes Pole to Pole Expedition

January 11th, 2024 by

Photo credit: Nissan 

The Pole to Pole with Nissan’s fully electric Ariya made it to the South Pole in great condition. Married couple Julie and Chris Ramsey who love taking adventures, embarked on a journey over 10 months ago to travel from North Pole to South Pole. The adventure is over 18,000 miles and was  started on the frozen Arctic Sea at the 1823 Magnetic North Pole. This marks the first time any vehicles had made such a long journey, and to top it off the journey will be completed by the all-electric Ariya. 

The Nissan Ariya encountered challenging terrains such as ice fields, deep and thick snow, mountain climbs, and desert dunes. Modified by the company Arctic Trucks, who specializes in vehicles designed for polar expeditions. Nissan developed the engineering design of the Ariya so that it could withstand all the harsh conditions and push to the end of the challenge. Using Nissans e-4ORCE all-wheel control, the Ariya helped Chris and Julie cross a major milestone. The plans began back in 2017 after the couple completed the Mongol Rally in their Nissan Leaf, the challenge was to use an electric vehicle to travel over 6,000.

Julie added, ”This has been an incredible journey, with the people we’ve met, the friends we’ve made and the support we’ve received. Pole to Pole started out as just Chris and I, but the expedition team is now made up of thousands of kind, forward-thinking people. These supporters and contributors want to make a difference and share the excitement of electric driving.”

Chris commented, “I can’t believe we’re at the South Pole. After so many years of planning, it doesn’t feel real. I’ve always had full confidence in the amazing capabilities of electric vehicles, and I knew our Nissan Ariya would tackle everything thrown at it. But it’s been far tougher than I anticipated. I’m proud that Pole to Pole has reached millions of people in parts of the world and enthused them about embracing EV in their day to day lives.”

Chris and Julie Ramsey have faced several challenges during the adventure with the tough terrains. Chris and Julie have tested the limits of several electric vehicles during the last 10 years, in this time both explorers have managed to become the first people to overcome the Mongolian Rally. Now, the adventurous couple can add the Pole to Pole expedition to their list of accomplishments. Interested in discovering how the Pole to Pole adventure unfolded with Julie and Chris? Join them on Instagram – @PoletoPoleEV

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