The All-New Nissan Office Pod A Remote Working Space

February 22nd, 2021 by

Photo credit: Nissan

The past year (2020) has been a struggle for everyone, with the challenges that the Covid-19 era has brought upon us working from home has become crucial for all. Nissan continues to adapt by changing the game once again with their all-new Nissan NV350 Caravan. Featuring a retractable office for remote workers, outdoor enthusiasts, or anyone who would like to travel and work on the go. The “office pod” provides plenty of room to work from with a contemporary workstation and various features to better fit buyers. Options of working with the van completely open or a little more private with the doors closed. Let’s dig a little deeper into what the NV350 will offer.

“For the past year, the coronavirus pandemic has significantly accelerated the work-from-home trend and many office workers are now having a variety of issues working home. Nissan wants to solve these issues by giving those workers more choice of where and how they work.” Nissan explained in press materials shared with CNN. 

Inside the NV350 Caravan

The new NV350 is retrofitted with a smartphone-controlled retractable workspace that extends outwards in a matter of seconds from the back of the van into nature with the tap of a button. Complete with a workstation that can fit a desktop computer paired with a modified Cosm chair made by US furniture-maker Herman Miller. An amazing feature is located right under the desk chair, a floor made of transparent polycarbonate allows buyers to see what is happening beneath the vehicle. Complete with a Wifi hotspot, an electric coffee maker, and electric sunshades all help to provide the conveniences of a modern office without the stuffiness of a conditioned space. Other features include a glove box fitted with a “Uv antibacterial lamp” which Nissan said can disinfect items such as wallets, phones, and keys.   

The Outside of the NV350 Caravan

As the workspace extends out, the back trunk becomes a cover for the office protecting it from rain. The front and rear fenders and body graphics express that the van can handle both on-road and off-road terrain. Nissan has also included a rooftop that also doubles as a luxurious roof balcony that can be accessed from the room so that buyers can relax between work and unwind under a parasol and enjoy a beach-like chair. The Nv350 will become a vehicle of the future by furthering the connection between the office and the outdoors. Want to find out more? Visit us at John Sisson Nissan and we will be happy to help.      

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